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How To Become Holy (And Happy) Using An Authoritative But Simple Blueprint

So what is this  blueprint? Actually, it is found in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 5 verses 3-10. I am referring to the 8 Beatitudes, which is a central part of the Sermon on the Mount. Pope Francis in his exhortation Rejoice And Be Glad, defined holiness in terms of the Beatitudes. In the third […]

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A New Year, A New Decade

Let’s welcome the New Year and the New Decade with a firm resolve to grow closer to God, to be more like His Son, to pursue and persevere in holiness.

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I Need Your Help!

I’m writing another e-book and I need your help so I can write it in a way that is relevant and useful as you go on your spiritual journey.  I have entitled the e-book “How To Become A Saint – The Little Way, Short And Straight” and it is based on the writings of St. […]

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St. Joseph's Feast Day

St. Joseph’s Feast Day

Tomorrow, March 19, is the feast day of St. Joseph. Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t done so and get three (3) St. Joseph-related ebooks containing various prayers to St. Joseph.  https://www.babestanmagkalas.com/3-st-joseph-related-ebook…/  

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A Christmas Gift For You

I’ve been thinking of what to give you all as a Christmas gift and I noticed in my Facebook page for St. Joseph (check it out at https://www.facebook.com/ilovestjoseph/) that the posts that got the most engagement were posts about prayers. Hence, I created a prayer ebook containing 7 powerful novenas for major life issues, As […]

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How To Memorize Bible Verses The Fun & Easy Way

Do you want to memorize God’s Word? Do you want to be able to know by heart bible verses that are encouraging, spiritually uplifting, refreshing, and comforting? You know, I used to memorize Bible verses by repeating the verses over and over again. But then after a while, I would forget them. Do you know […]

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