St. Joseph Prayer Collection Software

Through the years, I have received lots of emails asking me for prayers to St. Joseph which are for specific prayer intentions. I noticed that they’re usually about three (3) major life concerns:

  1. Prayer To Obtain Financial Blessings
  2. Prayer To Find A Good Husband/Wife
  3. Prayer To Get A Good Job

Hence I decided to create a simple software which has all the above-mentioned prayers and more. As you all know, I have been a St. Joseph devotee for so many years now so aside from the most requested prayers to St. Joseph, I also included some other prayers that are equally powerful (I pray them all!) as well as music (song/hymn) about this wondrous saint and more.

Below is a screenshot of the software’s dashboard.




And like most of my work for St. Joseph, it’s FREE. I would appreciate a donation (there’s a teeny weeny button to donate at the upper right hand corner of the webpage) but it’s not required to get the software.

To download it and get instant access, click HERE.

Who Is Jesus Christ?


I know all of us can say that we know who Jesus Christ is. After all, if you know the Apostles Creed especially the part which says “I believe in Jesus Christ His only son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary” and so on, you more or less know who He is and His story.

But while I’ll touch on that a little bit in the video below, the slant is actually more on some facts or truths about Him that you may not even realize.

A Living Hope


Happy Easter! Embrace the message of hope that Easter brings, live it and rejoice! Where there is hope, there is no despair.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By his great mercy we have been born anew to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…”(1 Peter 1:3, RSVCE)

Yes, we have this living hope because through the resurrection of our Lord, we know that…

  • There is life after death. Someday, we too will be raised to eternal life.
  • Good triumphs over evil. Despite what you see in this world, the good will eventually prevail over evil. God is still and will always be in control.
  • We are forgiven. If we confess and repent for our sins, He is faithful, merciful and just to forgive us our sins.
  • No matter how sinful we are, we can have a new life, a new life in Christ. We always have the option to get out of the darkness into the light and He empowers us to do so.

Imagine how the apostles felt when Jesus died. Their hopes were shattered and they were afraid for their lives. Those 3 days must have been the darkest days of their lives. But the Lord rose from the dead and showed Himself to them. And those dark days turned into glory days!

The same with nature, after the winter comes the spring.  The same with life. We encounter challenges and problems which seem to be insurmountable. Even our souls experience dark nights but as long as hope and trust in our almighty God are in our hearts, we rise above our problems, we conquer our fears and we move on from dark to light.

Like nature, let us keep our hope alive and effortless. Just look at the grass, it does not struggle to grow, it just grows. Just look at water,  it just flows naturally around obstacles and always gets to where it’s going.

So the hope in our hearts should be as effortless as nature because hope is a gift freely given to us by God and the message of hope is right at the core of our Lord’s resurrection.  Hope is as essential to living as the air we breathe.

So my friends, do not abandon yourselves to despair, keep the fire of hope burning in your hearts and as Pope John Paul II said, let us live as Easter people with Hallelujah as our song!

Twenty Valuable Lessons From The Holy Rosary


In the rosary, we have twenty mysteries that beget twenty lessons in life, love, the attainment of
virtue, and the genius of God’s plan for humanity.Watch the video below to find out what these twenty valuable lessons are:


Rediscover The Genius Of Fasting


Fasting is not merely a physical practice or another personal accomplishment; rather, it is a spiritual exercise. Open your heart and your mind. Set aside your prejudices and rediscover the genius of fasting and how it can change your life. Watch the video below:

The Power of Confession To Turn Your Weaknesses To Strengths


I assure you, if you approach confession or the sacrament of reconciliation with a sincere and humble heart, you will experience the flow of grace in your life. Watch the video below and find out how the power of confession can enable you to become the best version of yourself:

How Ten Minutes A Day In Daily Prayer Will Change Your Life


Daily prayer requires a commitment. But do you know that praying even just for ten minutes a day will have a profound positive effect in your life? How? Watch the video below: