When You Pray, Trust And Believe

Updated: June 27, 2023

I am an active member of our church’s music ministry and I sing during the 9 am Mass on Sundays at our parish church. There are only 5 of us who make up the church’s “choir” for this particular Mass (one plays the guitar, one plays the piano and the three of us sing).

I was sick during these past 3 weeks, first with the flu and then I was afflicted with ‘bronchitis’ which was worsened by allergies induced by the change in season (from winter to spring). Obviously, I couldn’t sing because of my frequent severe coughing and stuffy nose. I would attend choir practice to learn the songs we would be singing come Sunday but I couldn’t sing.

But by the grace of God, on these 3 Sundays, inspite of my bronchitis, I was able to sing WITHOUT coughing. That’s 8 songs every Sunday without coughing! The other members of the group were all amazed as well as other people from the congregation who knew I was sick.

What did I do? Before the Mass starts, I would pray and ask God to allow me to sing for Him, to allow me to sing because I would be doing it all for His glory. I love singing church hymns. To me, it is one of the ways I worship and praise our Creator.

And I truly believed He would answer my answer. I was thinking to myself “How could God not grant a prayer request to glorify Him”. And hence, I had no doubts that He would grant my request. And He did.

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    • v
    • November 22, 2010

    Hi babes,

    It’s nice to hear your stories. I wish I were like that. I’m a Catholic but my faith, is way too far from it.I was so ashamed. My faith fade.

      • admin
      • November 24, 2010

      Don’t be discouraged if you have little faith. You’re not alone. A lot of people struggle with their faith. The important thing is you do something to give your faith the boost it needs. Please read my post on what to do to boost your faith.

      God bless you.

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