The Power of Confession To Turn Your Weaknesses To Strengths

Updated: May 2, 2023

I assure you, if you approach confession or the sacrament of reconciliation with a sincere and humble heart, you will experience the flow of grace in your life. Watch the video below and find out how the power of confession can enable you to become the best version of yourself:

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    Thank you for reaching out to God’s children! Presently, I am homebound due to my husband’s illness (Colon cancer) and have missed Mass and Confession of recent, but am looking forward to fulfilling my obligations when I can. However, my husband and I participate in Mass on the ‘telly,’ on Sunday’s and recite the Rosary since we are unable to attend St. Joseph’s during this six-month period of chemo.

    Please remember our family in your prayers! I am a convert and protestants believe in confession as well, and God’s word literally, but practice it a little differently than catholics yet, obeying God just the same. They know that confession is good for the soul and do so before the church and in private to their pastors! The rules maybe different in how it is done or how often one should confess however, the intentions are the same.

    God bless you for your courage and reaching out to others with love!

    Lynda Revels LaCour

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    Thank you for sharing the importance of confessions in our lives. It’s a great help to enlighten my mind as a Catholic Christian…

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