St. Joseph Prayer Collection Software

Updated: October 8, 2023

Through the years, I have received lots of emails asking me for prayers to St. Joseph which are for specific prayer intentions. I noticed that they’re usually about three (3) major life concerns:

  1. Prayer To Obtain Financial Blessings
  2. Prayer To Find A Good Husband/Wife
  3. Prayer To Get A Good Job

Hence I decided to create a simple software which has all the above-mentioned prayers and more. As you all know, I have been a St. Joseph devotee for so many years now so aside from the most requested prayers to St. Joseph, I also included some other prayers that are equally powerful (I pray them all!) as well as music (song/hymn) about this wondrous saint and more.

Below is a screenshot of the software’s dashboard.




And like most of my work for St. Joseph, it’s FREE. I would appreciate a donation (there’s a teeny weeny button to donate at the upper right hand corner of the webpage) but it’s not required to get the software.

To download it and get instant access, click HERE.

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