Reflections on St. Joseph

Updated: February 25, 2023

My mom is confined at St. Joseph’s hospital here in Hamilton, Ontario. Today, i found in her food tray a bookmark and in it was written “Reflections on St Joseph”. I like to share it with you. It was written by Madeleva Williams, CSJ.

Reflections on St. Joseph

Not much is known of Joseph.
He was husband, father, provider….everyday.
He had dreams.
They weren’t always clear and easy,
But they were his.
Eventually they changed his mind and heart.
He lived out his dreams.
He was a just man,
Someone you can count on.
Displaced, a common worker,
No name but carpenter, this Joseph.
Yet one wonders how each person,
Each place was neighbor to him:
For the child he called SON
Treated none as stranger.
Perhaps the mark of greatness is not
The accomplishing of great moments,
Great movements, great works.
Perhaps the mark of greatness
Is facing life as it comes,
Being content with the daily,
What we call ordinary.

Joseph was that kind of man,
A man with a common touch, a saint.
Quiet, living on the verge of mystery,
He was left with dreams
And the work of his hands

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