It is Better…

Updated: January 10, 2024

Today and a few days hereafter, I’m going to be featuring a guest blogger. Her name is Norms Malilay, my best friend’s Mom. She is also like a second Mom to me and is a very dear and close friend. A pious woman, Mama (as I call her) never fails to uplift my drooping spirit. Somehow, she always calls me at times when I feel low, sad and weary.

Below is one of the poems she wrote. The title is “It is Better”.

It is Better…

It is better to try and fail than do nothing.

It is better to suffer the pain than to complain in vain.

It is better to get low scores and fail than to cheat and sin.

It is better to cook and eat than to be hungry doing nothing.

It is better to let students choose their preferred courses than to impose on them.

Let God’s will prevail than to follow your own.

It is better to be silent than to speak bad and hurting words.

It is better to be humble than to be proud and stumble.

Always remember, God is there to make things the best of all!

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