How To Memorize Bible Verses The Fun & Easy Way

Updated: February 23, 2024

how to memorize bible verses

Do you want to memorize God’s Word? Do you want to be able to know by heart bible verses that are encouraging, spiritually uplifting, refreshing, and comforting? You know, I used to memorize Bible verses by repeating the verses over and over again. But then after a while, I would forget them.

Do you know that studies show that only around 30% of us can learn by simply repeating something over and over again. The rest of us, the 70% need help – big help – to learn Bible verses by heart.

I tried other methods like word association or writing the verses several times, or texting the verses to friends hoping that by texting, I will memorize the verses, etc.

But nothing worked for me!

Until one day, I realized that…

The key is to do something that I like doing while memorizing!

Let me explain further in this video:

4-Week Memorize Bible Verses Challenge


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    It features multiple study methods (word puzzle, fill in the gaps, scripture typer), randomly generated quizzes, flashcards with spaced repetition, listen to Bible verses or record yourself, Bible verse images, retrieve scriptures from online Bibles, share public verse decks, sync with multiple devices, numerous Scripture translations, versatile labelling and filtering.

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