He loves us so much…

Updated: February 12, 2023

Today is Christmas day! May you have an outpouring of wondrous blessings not just this Christmas but in all the days of your life!

A while ago, I was staring at my computer screen, wondering
(and praying) what to say to you today. Then a short time after,
I felt so joyous.

You know I love Christmas not so much because of the gifts I
will be giving and receiving (but don’t get me wrong, I absolutely
enjoy giving and receiving gifts).

I love Christmas mainly because it is that time of year when I am
MOST aware of the love of God for you and me.

Imagine sending His one and only Son to save us…imagine the
immense love that made Him do it…

Then imagine a loved one being born in a stable…imagine that
loved one crucified on the cross.

How does that make you feel? If you’re like me, just the mere
thought of my pets (I don’t have kids) or my husband or any
one of my loved ones hanging on a cross, just like our Lord,
makes me want to puke!!!

Sorry if I made you imagine such an awful scene. I hope you
will still want to continue to read this post 🙂

But I just want you to be aware and realize the immensity of
God’s love because it is that love that enables you to go through
the challenges of life.

If God allowed His Son to be born in a lowly stable and die a
horrific death to save you and me, sinners that we are, will He
not help you when you ask Him?

This is the love that sustains us, this is the hope that we live
for, this is the assurance that we can count on. This is the
spirit of Christmas!

In Luke 2:7, it says:

“7 And she gave birth to her first-born[a] son and wrapped him
in swaddling cloths, and laid him in a manger, because there
was no place for them in the inn.”

Have you ever wondered why the King of Kings was born in a
stable and laid in a lowly manger? Why so lowly (by wordly

I personally think that this is because God wants us to know
that no matter how lowly we are…
– lowly because we are in the dark and we need His light…
– lowly because we are weary and burdened and we need Him
to help us carry the load…
– lowly because we are blinded by the lures of this world and
need to see what truly matters…
– lowly because we are poor – physically, emotionally, financially
and spiritually

He is in us, with us and for us.

Christmas is all about the love of God, without which we
are nothing but because we have the love of God, we
have everything!

Merry Christmas!

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