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Updated: December 1, 2023

St. Joseph's Lullaby

There are no words attributed to St. Joseph in the Bible. He was there at the birth of Jesus and then there was a story about him and Mary looking for Jesus when he was about 12 years old and finding Jesus in the temple. After that, there was no mention of Joseph. I don’t know how old he was and how and when he died.

I found the above image in a blog the other night and the writer simply said this is his favorite nativity scene. There was no attribution whatsoever. But this image touched my heart and I remembered a song by Mercy Me entitled “Joseph’s Lullaby” so I added a portion of the song to the painting.

There are no words attributed to St. Joseph in the Bible. I can only imagine what lullaby he sang to the baby Jesus. I can only imagine how he felt when he held our Lord in his arms for the first time. Did he cry? His heart must have overflowed with joy and awe and gratitude.

Did he ask God why He allowed His Son to be born in a lowly manger? Did he say: “This doesn’t make sense!”

I guess we’ll never know. And what he said and how he felt were not really as important as what he did — He OBEYED and TRUSTED God.

We can identify with Joseph. Like him, there are times when things don’t seem to make sense and you wonder what God is up to. But like him, let us obey and trust God. He knows what he’s doing and He knows what is best for us. He has a plan for us and although we cannot see the whole picture, we just have to trust Him because He loves us.

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