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Written for those who want to enrich their prayer life, this e-book contains valuable tips for a more powerful and effective prayer

Inside You Will Discover…

    Distorted Approaches To Prayer (your prayers are less likely to be granted if you follow this approach)
    The Power of Intercessory Prayer (there is power in numbers so the more others pray for you, the better)
    Eight (8) valuable prayer tips which are guaranteed to enhance your prayer life



    • Karen Davis
    • March 23, 2012

    Please pray fom my daughter (Dashae Davis) to find a job she has graudate from college as a parmedic.. I(karen davis) is chef we are looking for jobs that would be meaning for and to help other. ..we both are praying please pray with us..thank you. I would like to buy a statue

    • Jeremy
    • May 27, 2021

    Pray for my girlfriend Kimberly who is in the hospital to be cured of illness by the doctors right now and for her to reply to my Gmail messages I’ve been sending her and my Hotmail messages and my Duo messages and for her to listen to all the messages I left on her cell phone call me on mine I gave her my cell phone number come on to messaging I’m very worried about her right now I care about her very much I worry about her very much and have very strong feelings for her.

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