Entrepreneurs Are Fuelled By Momentum

Money Loves Speed. Money is attracted to speed. Money likes speed. Speed is the breakfast of champions.

We have all heard these common phrases that trainers like Dan Kennedy, Dr. Joe Vitale, Mike Koenigs, and many other master trainers regularly use when they deliver keynote presentations.

Let’s break that down as to why this is the case. Why does Money Love/like or is attracted to speed.

Money is a tool. It is simply a medium of exchange to be able to acquire goods or services that is considered acceptable as payment in society. So what does speed have to do with this medium of exchange? I believe that Money and speed are related in the following way:

1) The speed of clarity of a message, ideas, business vision/products and services.
2) The speed of implementation of these ideas and strategies. How fast one takes action on an idea. Speed to Market as is known in marketing circles.
3) The speed of transformation of an audience/tribe and an entrepreneur themself.

When you examine one trait of successful entrepreneurs, you’ll find a common thread: someone who takes action on information as quickly as possible. It doesn’t mean that these successful entrepreneurs are always in a hurry, it means that they take action. Now! Immediately! Today! They don’t make statements like “someday” or “soon I shall”. These last words are not in their vocabulary. What does inaction attract? Frustration and empty pockets.

Successful entrepreneurs have to move with a certain momentum, velocity and energy factor to succeed and get best results and that requires “strong motivation”, and it’s important that their ideas flow and move them. Momentum comes from taking action. And so it is true that for Money to love speed, good ideas have to be in place to fuel momentum.

Successful entrepreneurs have learnt one thing very well, that failure is a possibility. But on hindsight it’s not failure but a growth opportunity and a lesson in disguise. If you play safe, you’ll simply never get started and never get the momentum you need in order to be successful.

No matter what you do or how you do it, your path to true success, money, riches, lifestyle, experiences, includes experiencing failure along the way.

Successful entrepreneurs know that they have to gain momentum, fail fast, solve problems and believe the money will eventually come. They also understand that seeing the Speed of their results is important in getting and gaining momentum

Money is attracted to entrepreneurs who take action and invest in their future growth and profitability. Are you investing in your future growth? Or are you waiting until you have the money to invest? That’s backwards or upside down thinking.

When you receive an idea, ACT on it. An idea is a gift from the Universe to you. Your acting on it is your gift back to the Universe. The faster you act, the sooner you are rewarded.

Money making ideas and opportunities come up easily for successful entrepreneurs. They are already in the “game” of making money. What makes it interesting to notice though, is that when a great idea becomes a passion that these entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about and pursuing 24/7, then they are playing a different “game of money”. They are playing what I consider “the inner game of money” of abundance and wealth creation. There is more to their end goal and outcome than just creating “cash machines”. Their core principles can be summarized as follows:

1) They understand their passion.
2) They are awakened to and have clearly found and defined their purpose.
3) They have an absolute love and commitment to philanthropy.
4) They know how to play fully in their lives and have great pleasure from life, by creating sustainable ventures to propel humanity forward.
5) Their lives are meshed and intertwined with people with diverse cultures and backgrounds as they believe in creating communities, and collaborative tranches of groups of people to engage with in order to unify our message.
6) They are indifferent and remain detached from the outcome if their projects/ventures create a profit or loss, because they are more concerned about the impact and legacy of their work and the relationships that they have built and crystalized. A business loss can always be used as a “tax write off”, and a profitable opportunity can be used to create additional philanthropic entities.
7) They lead their lives based on the principles of Relationship Banking (creating and establishing great relationships and connections) and Spiritual Banking (working with the universe and through the hidden laws of the universe). They are not focused on Transactional Banking (where life is all about transactions that is triggered on the principles of fear and greed, of wanting more, scarcity, manipulation, the art of sales/selling etc..). They have learnt to play the “inner game” of abundance and wealth creation in their lives.

These entrepreneurs have discovered certain strategies as to how to create more freedom in their life and business—both in terms of time and money—by playing the “inner game” of wealth and abundance and leaving behind fear, greed and scarcity mindsets. They have laser precision clarity, confidence, strategies and fresh ideas and that oil gets lubed every year.

I end with a quote from a highly successful entrepreneur, ABC TV network’s Secret Millionaire, James Malinchak, — “Add Value, Make a Difference and Enrich Lives” —

Getting Results And Being Fullfiled

In recent months, I have come across many people who appear to have lost their motivation, their drive and having no “oomph” or spark to get things going. I know this feeling all too well and had embraced it for a very long time.

I retained a life coach some years ago, to provide me guidance and a lot of coaching that I received was on shifting my mindset and finding a big “Why” that was “big enough”. Initially this did little to get me out of the mental and emotional rut that I was in. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t MAKE myself move and take action! I had mental paralysis.

This is when I decided to make my life into a “living laboratory” and took an enormous amount of personal development training through books, courses, workshops/seminars/retreats/trainings. I spent a lot of money on this journey to learn about myself and grow and when I look back today, I have absolutely no regrets with all the learning that I had. In full transparency, this was a very long and expensive journey, and to spend so much money and time when economic times were turbulent may not have been a wise choice for some people, and many friends and family mocked me for taking this path, but it was my life and I was the sole decision maker for what gift I wanted my life to be to myself and in the service of others to propel humanity forward for a “better new earth”.

When I look back today, there was a lot that I HAD to lose because there were lots of things keeping me trapped in my comfort zone which was toxic. Reality check for some of you, a “toxic” comfort zone, and an oxymoron as well? I was finally brought to a place where I had no other choice left BUT to pick up the pieces and take action on propelling my life forward. And in the process of all my toxic comforts being stripped away, I noticed something… Flow and Momentum started showing up.

Many of us put WAY too much emphasis on how we feel and how we feel about doing certain things. We let our feelings and emotions guide our every move. Most of the time when we talk about not having the motivation to do something, we’re talking about the fact that we’re just not feeling like doing it. And to that, I’ve learned to say this: SO WHAT?!? Guess what? Our feelings aren’t always going to be on board with what we know we should be doing! Sometimes we just have to get up and take action ANYWAY! Regardless of how we feel!

Through taking some sort of consistent action, every single day, doing the “things that ignite some passion, give me a purpose in living and helping others”, results start to show up consistently! So I’ve learned not to let my feelings dictate what I’m doing. I don’t wait for the buzz of excitement to spark action for that day. I just get up and get moving everyday, knowing results are on their way and my feelings will soon catch up! Keeping focused, charged with mental clarity and an end goal projection will keep you rolling forward.

Thoughts On Taking Action

Some preliminary thoughts and important reasons why taking action sooner than later that produces results.

  • When you do too much preparation, there’s a possibility to over think, also known as “analysis paralysis”. When you try to conceive every detail and scenario possible before taking action on something, constantly reviewing, evaluating and considering, there are many justifiable reasons why what you’re considering won’t work and this hinders progress and momentum is lost.
  • Seth Godin, a very successful author and entrepreneur, has captured in 4 words, “This Might Not Work”. In my humble opinion, this sums up precisely everything that entrepreneurship and creativity ought to be about. So when we set out to do something that may be considered as “This might not work”, everything changes. It’s at this point that we tap into our “creative genius” and we’re truly capable of doing work that can be a “game changer”.
  • When taking action, I recommend not trying to determine steps two, three, and four before taking step one. The well known author, Joe Karbo, has claimed that he ran an ad for “The Lazy Man’s Way to Riches” before he even began to write the book! How’s that for smarts, creativity, action taking and testing out a concept/idea.
  • When you hesitate, you tend to lose your excitement and determination. That, in turn causes homeostasis to set in. Homeostasis is the custom to live with the present conditions and prevent modification. As a result, you get comfortable where are and you allow your great idea to fade into the warmth zone of oblivion. But when you take action, your imaginative juices circulate quicker, your ingenuity shifts into high gear, and the things, people, and scenarios you need to create your vision/idea are attracted to you practically like magic.
  • If you wait too long before taking action, the chance may become less and less fascinating to you as new challenges in your journey begin to make their appearance. There is a concept called “Hazard in Trying To Win Through Intimidation” under the Moniker of the Fiddle Theory, which states: “the much longer you fiddle around with an idea/concept, the higher the possibilities that it will never complete and come to fruition”. This is why the First Mover Advantage has become so popular and important in creating a vision/brand that people quickly identify with.
  • Time can be your best friend when you take action. But time is also a two-sided coin. If you are reluctant or procrastinate, time becomes your toughest and hardest enemy. On the other side of the coin, the more you stumble, the more you will fumble and time will give you new challenges to face.
  • Perhaps the most essential proof of all for taking action now is that time is restricted and limited in nature. No matter how fertile or young and healthy you are, you can only fulfill so much in your entire life, even under the best of scenarios. Every second that’s wasted reduces the completeness of what you can achieve by one second.
  • Some people consider that a continuous emotion of insistence to fulfill more is undesirable because it develops tension and stress, but I find the adverse to be real. I perceive more stress when I hesitate, when I’m refraining what I know I should be performing. I don’t ever recall hearing a fulfilled person say, “When the going gets tough, the timid get going.”

Success Loves Speed

We are always gauging new thoughts and ideas on Money Loves Speed and this concept is not foreign to many people. The importance of taking action for an entrepreneur earlier rather than later, and not taking an outrageous level of time to plan every small detail in advance is succinctly stated in the old aphorism: Money Loves Speed.

First off, let me say that this is not just about money. It’s real in essentially all aspects of our daily lives.

If you want to buy tickets from a scalper for a big game that’s sold out, get there first. “Tickets love speed.”

If you want a particular job that you just heard about, get there first. “Potential Employers love speed”.

I recently came across the phrase “Google Loves Speed”. Take that for what it is worth.

So, you can see it’s not just about money only. Success in all areas of our existence loves speed. I don’t reminisce ever being successful at something because I got there last. One question we could ask ourselves: “Why does success love speed? Oddly enough, the answer to this question can be found in a dictionary. Action is determined as “the origin of innovation”. No matter what result you’re after, it’s an adjustment from what you now have. Therefore, a transformation has to take place for you to get from where you are now to that desired outcome.