An App for St. Joseph and For You

Updated: January 18, 2023

March 19, the feast day of St Joseph, is coming and in his honor, I have developed a simple web-based app. I also created the app to enable subscribers of St. Joseph’s Site and other users to have easy access to prayers for St. Joseph’s intercession, the St. Joseph’s Site Facebook page, blog, and YouTube channel.

An App for St. JosephFor this app, I have included prayers which are problem-specific, i.e. prayer to St. Joseph for marital problems, financial problems, finding a husband/wife, etc.

Users can also send in their prayer requests through the app.

Various images of St. Joseph and the Holy Family are also included to serve as a prayer aid. One may wish to use or look at any one of these images to put oneself in a more reverent state of mind and to maintain focus while praying.

I don’t know how many St. Joseph’s Site subscribers have smart phones/mobile devices but for those of you who don’t, you can also run the app in your desktop by adding it to your browser and it becomes a browser app.

I have also tested the app in iphones and ipads and it works but there’s a slight glitch when it comes to android smart phones. While the app runs in androids, it doesn’t install itself in your applications folder but you can make it as a Favorite/Bookmark. I will send another email when the glitch is fixed.

In my heart, I hope St. Joseph likes the app 🙂 and I hope you also will find it useful. It is my gift to my beloved patron saint on his feast day and also my gift to you for visiting my blog, allowing me to communicate with you.

So here is the link:

Copy this link into your mobile or desktop browser.

God bless you.

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