Rediscover The Genius Of Fasting

Fasting is not merely a physical practice or another personal accomplishment; rather, it is a spiritual exercise. Open your heart and your mind. Set aside your prejudices and rediscover the genius of fasting and how it can change your life. Watch the video below:

4 Responses to “Rediscover The Genius Of Fasting”

  1. Philip Muniz says:

    This is a very encouraging and positive way in which to view fasting. Your presentation is wonderful and I plan to share it with others. Thank you for your faithfulness to both the Word and action. A blessed Lent to you!

  2. Michael Azul says:

    Well said and thank you for that very inspiring advice.

  3. Michael Azul says:

    Thank you for that great and inspiring advice !

  4. Lilian says:

    This video has helped change my perspective on fasting. I pray that tomorrow Good Friday I will be able to fast and feel the effects of it in my walk with Jesus. Thank you Babes for this short but enlightening video. God bless you.

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